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You cannot leave a single moment without internet. Now people are getting busier and they have no time for close people. internet is the best method to remain closer to the relative and friends. Even they can complete their most of the business work online by using the internet. Wireless internet is the best method of connecting with everyone and doing business. They always need to use internet in every sense. They prefer to do business online and Wi-Fi is the best method to use wireless internet always. You need to have a gadget like smartphone what is not so expensive product. You can remain connect internet for 24/7.
For remaining connected for 24/7, you need to use Wi-Fi connection and you need a router which establishes wireless internet. When you decide to buy a router, then you must check the performance of the device. Without using the device, you can know the performance from the customer review. There are many websites or online market place where you will get much information about the Wi-Fi. You can order a router online or you can buy the router from local store. Price of the device is not so expensive and you will love the service of Wi-Fi.
Now you need to buy a router and you must buy a router from popular brand. You should choose a router from the brands of D-Link, TP-Link, Netgear etc. and choose a model of the router from any of those brands. You need a router what you need to use for setup network and you should confirm that you must buy a router which is appropriate for your area. The performance of a router is very important and powerful. When you choose a router then you should know the performance of the device properly.
You need a router and I hope that you have bought a router from the D-link brand. This model of the D-link routers uses the IP address for various purposes and the IP address with username and password use for login to the router. Before using all of those login detail, you have to configure the device and it means that you will connect the router with the computer. In this router box, you will get proper instruction what you need to follow if want to configure the router without any mistake. You have to setup all of the settings and you will get instruction in the router box.
You have to follow the router manual if you want to setup the device after the configuration of the device. You connect the router with computer via Ethernet cable and turn on the router and computer. Now you should read the router manual and some papers what come with the device with information. You need to use all of the data for login to the router but later you may need to use the IP address for other reasons. You have to login to the router with the username, password and IP address.
Some router manufacturer use application for login to the router and that application is supplied by that manufacturer. If you do not find any instruction about that application, then you need to use a browser what will work as an application. The bowser is useful tool and you need to use all data for login to the router. On the browser address field, you need to use the default IP address and then press on the Enter button. Now you have to use the default username and password, press the Enter button from the keyboard or click on the login button. You will get all default login data behind the router.
By the wizard tool, you have to setup internet and this is very easy to setup internet. Many users like this tool and this tool is very easy to setup internet. Even if you are an expert, then you should use wizard tool and later you have to setup settings manually. But do not setup whole things manually. Because if you do so, then you will lose many time in this case. You should use the Wizard tool and you will like it to use this tool.
You have to setup settings for the Wi-Fi security and you need to do this by manually. You should secure the Wi-Fi. This is why, you should use all of the latest feature for securing the Wi-Fi. You must secure the Wi-Fi and this is why, you should use WPA2-PSK encrypted security and this is very hard to bypass. You should use this security first and later you need to use all other security features. Wi-Fi password is very important thing and you should make the password very hard. The Wi-Fi password should be 13 digits long and add letters (upper and lower case) in the IP address.
You do not change the default IP address until you face problem for the IP address. Usually, the default IP address is necessary to change for solving the IP address confliction problem. This problem is very critical problem and the problem will not be solved until you change the default IP address. Due to the same IP address in all of the devices, the IP confliction problem occurs. When you make the IP address unique in all of the devices, then you will get the routers and networking devices running.
You may need to use the IP address with the ping command to know the connection between the router and computer. You will add the IP address with ping as “ping” and “ping -t”. On the command prompt page, you have to use any of those commands. Make sure that the router has been connected with the computer properly with the Ethernet cable and Wi-Fi. If you find any problem with the cable connection, then you cannot solve the problem in this way. You need to use ping command to know the status of the connection. You should read the troubleshooting chapter of the router to know about the router solution.
In the router manual, you will get all necessary instruction for the router and Wi-Fi but you should read troubleshooting chapter very carefully what you need to use. In the troubleshooting chapter of the router manual, many solutions are available for Wi-Fi and router. You will learn many things from there and you should learn about the reset button. By this button, you can solve many problems of the router quick. You need to press the button for 15 to 20 seconds long. You can reboot the router to solve the router problem quick.